Techy Android Apk All Android Updates Here! Mon, 09 Apr 2018 13:46:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Best Dating Apps For Android 2018 Sun, 08 Apr 2018 10:07:16 +0000 In this busy world, let’s just give some time to yourself too. We know nowadays it is quite difficult task to find the best partner for your life. But some applications have created a great platform for the people who want to date. These applications help the one who is searching for the person of his/her choice. I was checking out best hookup apps list last night so I thought to share best dating apps on my blog as you all know there is difference between hookup and dating. In hookup, we are looking for just fun while engaging in a sexual relationship too but on the other hand dating is used for serious relationship. As usual, there are too many platforms for dating nowadays. So, again it becomes a challenging part to choose between them. Therefore, we have garnered the list of the all the dating applications available for android. We have structured them in such a way which would probably help you to decide which application to use to find your dating partner. Anyone of these applications would let you find the right dating partner. So here is the list of dating applications: –

  • HAPPN: – HAPPN is probably one of the best dating application ever developed for android user. It enables the user to get into contact to the nearby people matching his/her choice. It is one the best part of this application which connects people living nearby but not getting to know each other just because of their schedule. As distance is one of the key factor in any relationship. It comes up resolving that issue of distance.

It detects all the people nearby to you, if you like someone and the other one also responds you on HAPPN, you start a private conversation with that person. All you need to do, is to download and sign up and start searching for the correct partner of yours.




  • JAUMO: – Jaumo is also a very effective dating application. It is rated among the best dating application by the users. It has a million-user family. You just need to sign up into Jaumo and update your profile which makes your profile look attractive. Updating your profile attracts more people towards you. On any dating app, your profile is your representative. Jaumo provides the user with the plenty of features to filter out the people of his own choice. After finding the right person, what you need to do is to like the person on the application, if he/she responds you can chat with the person personally. All you need to do, is to download and sign up and start searching for the correct partner of yours. It has its catchy line “Flirten. Chatten. Treffen.”

Jaumo Flirt Chat & Dating Screenshot Jaumo Flirt Chat & Dating Screenshot Jaumo Flirt Chat & Dating Screenshot


  • MATCH DATING: – Match dating is considered as the best dating application by almost most of the user who have tried their hands on this application. Well, every dating has its own features and rich content. All you need to find your partner on the application which the other person uses.

It has been developed since the beginning of the online dating era. It is very rich featured and highly effective application. This application is available for free of cost. All you need to do, is to download and sign up and start searching for the correct partner of yours. It is rated among the best dating apps for android users.

Match Dating - Meet Singles Screenshot Match Dating - Meet Singles Screenshot Match Dating - Meet Singles Screenshot


  • TINDER: – Tinder is a very popular dating application among the android users which had connected many people across the world and is connecting too. It has a very basic rule, “Swipen, Matchen, Chatten”, which has proved to be the very successful for the developers of Tinder.

It enables the user to conversate with the person whoever right swipes your request. It has the most number of user as compared to all the applications we have discussed so far. It has wide range of people which enables the user to find the best of his choice. It is very plus point of this application. It is available for free on Google Play Store. All you need to do, is to download and sign up and start searching for the correct partner of yours. Therefore, we would recommend you to try out this application before any other applications.

Tinder Screenshot Tinder Screenshot Tinder Screenshot


  • BUMBLE: – Bumble is also among the top 5 dating application of this modern world. It is among those application which try to shake the things. Every one gets 24 hours to reply if you do so in that specified, otherwise the matches expire. All you need to do, is to download and sign up and start searching for the correct partner of yours. It has two version one is free of cost but the other one is paid which costs up to $1.99-$24.99. but this application has been recorded with plenty of bugs and technical issues. Therefore, we would recommend you to try any other application before this application.



  • CLOVER DATING APP: – Clover dating is another dating application which enables the user to meet new people and join live mixers, which is probably one of the unique features of any dating application. It provides you the feature of setup real dates too. It fulfills almost most of wishes of any person who want to date anyone. It works well when compared other applications in the list. All you need to do, is to download and sign up and start searching for the correct partner of yours.

Clover Dating App Screenshot Clover Dating App Screenshot Clover Dating App Screenshot


  • COFFEE MEETS BAGEL: – It has a very catchy name, after all it is also a nice dating application. Just like the other applications. All you need to do, is to download and sign up and start searching for the correct partner of yours.

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating-App Screenshot Coffee Meets Bagel Dating-App Screenshot


Just to save your time, we have garnered all the information provided in the article in the brief manner in the table mentioned below: –




(IN $)


(out of 5)

MATCH DATING FREE/$19.99 per month 4
BUMBLE FREE/$1.99-$24.99 3.5
CLOVER DATING FREE/$9.99 per month 3.5
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Best DS Emulator Apps For Android – Worth Trying! Fri, 06 Apr 2018 10:04:45 +0000 Nintendo DS which was officially released during 2004 , was the first handheld device having two screens. It has multiple DS consoles which work together with the support of WiFi within a short range. Because of the dual screen multiple users can play the DS games using one DS game card. It has an embedded Picto chat due to which 16 users can chat once together .

To play these NDS games on our Android , technology with time has given us the opportunity to do so . With the help of NDS emulator one can easily play those games on Android . Below listed are the top NDS emulators which you can choose to download .

It is the first and the most popular DS emulator with 10 millions + downloads . It allows to customize screen color and resolutions to make your game attractive . It enhances and doubles the 3D graphics . Being an emulator it allows the player to hack and use cheat codes while playing the game . It allows online gaming and screen modes as landscape or portrait for good experience . Drastic DS emulator also supports add ons like joysticks . It also has Game Boost feature which helps in increasing the speed.

It is still developing and improving. It is the the first emulator which is for high end devices like Nexus and Xperia. It is not a light emulator rather one of the heaviest emulator and thus not every phone can work in accordance with NDS4droid. It has an on screen interface . It supports OUYA game console . It has disabled states and sounds as sounds might crack . Performance still need to be improved by updating it.

It is one of the best open source emulator . It showcases high compatibility. It allows complete customization, with multi touch input. If a device uses a good GPU then graphics quality can be increased . It provides various features like custom ley bindings , 2 player support , real time rewind , fast forward . It also provides the feature of auto saving , this way if somebody calls you the game will not be ruined . You can resize and move touch inputs controls .

It has a very high compatibility rate which basically means that every game will work fine with this emulator . NDS boy plays file on different formats like .rar , .nds , .zip etc. It allows resizing , moving and is quick to load and save. It is totally free . There are no ads for better gaming experience. An important thing about this emulator is that the RAM of this device should be at least 2GB or else the device will become extremely slow.

It is considered as one of the best Nintendo emulators which is free of cost . It provides dual screen interface, easily saves and loads the game . It supports controllers which are wireless and also the device microphones. It can auto date to landscape or portrait orientation and stretch to fit the screen with actual ratio. It also supports the code breakers and cheats .

Retroarch is also an open source emulator which uses Liberto interface . To use this emulator the user needs to firstly download Cores which are programs for Retroarch . It support multi languages , scan files and has eye candy menus. It does not allow ads.

It is one of the best NDS emulators as cheats and codes for the games are preinstalled in it due to which it is constantly appreciated . It is free emulator and has automatic flicker reduction . Just like AseDS it also has dual interface and it supports wireless controllers and device microphones with custom layouts and key bindings .

It is a free and decent emulator which is still improving and adding up improved features in its bag . Currently it is a 3D rendering engine which supports various formats like .zip , .rar etc . It supports cheats , OUYA console , easy save and load of games . It also auto detects game and allows the display of cover art.

Now , as you know about the best DS emulators , download them and enhance you gaming experience .

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